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“OCN reminds me of the early 70’s in Colorado Springs when reporters actually covered local news. The business of government is complex and deserves the attention of the public. Thanks for making that possible.” - Kay Liggett, owner, Criterium Bicycles


This all-volunteer newspaper written by and for Tri-Lakes area residents was launched in June 2001 by a group of Tri-Lakes area residents after concerns arose regarding the coverage of Tri-Lakes area news. Many stories including the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter project and the Monument Recall were being given biased or scant coverage by the local media. While the local commercial newspaper covered service clubs, etc., it didn't publish a calendar of upcoming public meetings. Residents only heard about major decisions after the meetings had been held. We concluded there was an urgent need to provide residents the information they need to get involved in the public process of addressing the significant challenges facing the Tri-Lakes area.

Who we are

Below: Staff layout meeting, March 29, 2014. OCN volunteers (L to R): Nancy Wilkins, Mike WicklundWayne and RaeJean Claybaugh, Lisa Hatfield, Allen Alchian, James Howald, Jackie Burhans, Harriet Halbig, John Heiser, Cris Pollard, Arjun Gheewala, Janet Sellers, Mark Aggers, Bernard Minetti. Other OCN volunteers not pictured include George and Judy Barnes, Tim Dorman, Zach Dove, Barbara Grace, Elizabeth Hacker, Eric Hamer, Betty Johnson, Bill Kappel, Francy Lingel, Frank Maiolo, Pete Palone, Stacey Paxson, Nancy Riesch, Katherine Wetterer, Mike Wicklund, Woody Woodworth, and the Staff at Covered Treasures Bookstore. Photo by Lisa Hatfield.

OCN is produced entirely by volunteers who contribute their time and talents to help keep residents of the Tri-Lakes region informed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give Tri-Lakes area residents:

  • Accurate, objective community-based and area-wide news to help them reach sound conclusions and contribute to a successful future for our area;

  • A forum for the free exchange of ideas and opportunities that may impact their daily lives; and 

  • Through inexpensive advertising, support local businesses and provide a guide to Tri-Lakes area shopping. 

Unlike papers that try to figure out what the "story" is and then get quotes on each side to presumably lead the reader to conclude what the "truth" is, OCN's role is to report in detail on public meetings of local governmental entities. We report what was talked about and what was decided. By reading OCN, you can find out what you would have learned if you had attended those public meetings. In this context, "truth" is that the articles accurately represent what transpired at the meetings.

What We Ask of You

  • We ask that you take the time to go to public meetings and get the facts first-hand.
  • We want to hear from you. Take our Survey of send your thoughts to 

editor@ocn.me or
P.O. Box 1742, Monument, CO 80132-1742

This is your community and your voice matters. Click here to read the guidelines for letters to the editor. You can make a difference by working to ensure that we hold onto the things we love about living here.

  • We ask that you support our advertisers. Their willingness to advertise in Our Community News makes free distribution of this newspaper possible.
  • The success of this newspaper depends on its volunteers. If you can spare a little time each month to help a worthwhile effort, we would love to hear from you. Click here for more information on how you can become a part of OCN.
  • If you don't have time right now to volunteer but want to recognize the contribution OCN makes to our community, please consider sending us a donation.

Privacy Policy

OCN is committed to bringing you relevant and useful information without knowing who you are.

We do not collect personally identifiable information such as name, phone number, or email address from visitors to our website.

Our web server may automatically collect standard information, including IP address, browser type, and access times. This information is used for internal research and analysis purposes only. It is not sold, rented, or shared with any other party.

Any information collected on this website is stored on secure servers. We have procedures in place to protect against loss, misuse, or alteration of information.

This website does not store browser cookies on your computer; however, our 4Q Survey, conducted by iPerceptions, uses a cookie to prevent users from taking the survey more often than once every 30-days. Delete browser cookies if you want to take the survey again before 30 days have elapsed. 4Qsurvey.com's privacy policy.

The sharing functions at the top of most of the pages on this website is a free service of AddThis.com. The AddThis.com pages may contain advertisements and may store cookies on your computer. OCN does not endorse or receive any funding from AddThis.com or those advertisers. AddThis.com's privacy policy.

The PrintFriendly function at the top of most of the pages on this website is a free service of PrintFriendly.com. The PrintFriendly pages may contain advertisements and may store cookies on your computer. OCN does not endorse or receive any funding from PrintFriendly.com or those advertisers. PrintFriendly.com's privacy policy.

The on-line viewing functions on many pages on this website is a free service of Issuu.com. The Issuu.com pages may contain advertisements and may store cookies on your computer. OCN does not endorse or receive any funding from Issuu.com or those advertisers. Issuu.com's privacy policy.

The change notification service noted at the bottom of the home page is provided free by ChangeDetection.com. You may see ads on ChangeDetection.com's pages and email messages. OCN does not receive any funding from nor does it endorse or otherwise support those advertisers. ChangeDetection.com's privacy policy.

Any changes to this site's privacy policy will be reflected here.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact us at

johnheiser@ocn.me or
P.O. Box 1742, Monument, CO 80132-1742 or
call John Heiser at (719) 488-3455 (office)

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