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Publication Date: The first Saturday of each month. Ad space reservation due date: Friday two weeks prior to publication date.



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Our Community News Contact:
**FAX: 488-3455
email: ads@ocn.me
** Please do not send ad artwork by fax; the fax does not provide adequate detail to create an accurate reproduction.

Artwork Approved:


*Ad Rates

For local businesses, the discounted rate for business card size (3.25" x 1.75") is e.g., 2" x 5" (10 sq. in.) is 4" x 5" (20 sq. in.) is quarter-page (5" x 8", 40 sq. in.) is half-page (8" x 10", 80 sq. in.) is full-page (10" x 16", 160 sq. in.) is To calculate the non-discounted rate that applies to out-of-area advertisers, divide the discounted rate by 0.75.  There are optional additional charges of $1.00 per sq. in. for color and $0.25 per square inch for special placement. Payment for ads is due at the time artwork is approved. Make checks payable to Our Community News. Buying space in advance will lock in the current ad rate, which is expected to increase somewhat as our circulation increases. We will gladly scan your artwork and work with you to prepare your ad for the paper.


If instead of having your ad printed in the paper, you would like to have your advertising circular inserted in and distributed with OCN, the cost is $45 per 1,000 ($0.045 per item) for items weighing up to 0.2 oz. There is an additional charge of $8 per 1,000 for each additional 0.2 oz. in the weight of your item. You provide the items for insertion. Note that we no longer accept partial-run inserts; that is, the number of copies of the paper that carry your item must be greater than or equal to our total mailed circulation.

Advertising Policy

Advertising rates are subject to change without notice.

Our Community News reserves the right to determine which ads will be published.

As part of OCN's long-standing commitment to encouraging the economic health of the Tri-Lakes area, we offer a significantly discounted per-square-inch ad rate to local businesses (i.e., those who have a presence--shop, home office, etc.--in the local area) and to mobile businesses where the work is done on-site in the local area and the owner or principal is a local resident. The local area is defined as Larkspur to Interquest and the mountains to Black Forest. OCN accepts a limited number of ads from non-local advertisers on a space-available basis at a non-discounted ad rate.

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Contact us at (719) 488-3455, ads@ocn.me, editor@ocn.me, or P.O. Box 1742, Monument, Colorado 80132-1742.
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