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Points of Contacts

Federal Government: https://www.usa.gov
Your online guide to the federal government information, contacts and services

Federal Government (by topic): https://www.usa.gov/contact-by-topic
This website gives you quick access to the following common topics:
• Benefits
• Children and education
• Consumer Products and Safety
• Fraud, Law Enforcement, and Crime
• Government Officials
• Government Social Media and Mobile Apps
• Health
• Home, Community, and Work
• Military and Veterans
• Money and Business
• Travel and Transportation

Contact Elected Officials: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials
Get in touch with your federal, state, and local elected leaders.

State, Local and Tribal Governments: https://www.usa.gov/state-tribal-governments
Contact information for state, local, and tribal governments.

Call and ask any question about the US government for free. 1 844 872-4681 (USA-GOV1)
We'll get you the answer or tell you where to find it.

Colorado Official State Web Portal: https://www.colorado.gov

El Paso County Government: http://www.elpasoco.com/OurGovernment

Monument, Colorado: http://www.townofmonument.org

Palmer Lake, Colorado: http://www.townofpalmerlake.com

Woodmoor Improvement Association: https://www.woodmoor.org

Northern El Paso County Coalition of Community Associations (NEPCO): http://www.nepco.org

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Useful Facts

  • One acre = 43,560 square feet; so four houses per acre implies each lot is about 10,890 square feet, six houses per acre implies 7,260 square foot lots.
  • One acre-foot = 326,851 gallons. One acre-foot per year is about 27,238 gallons per month or about 895 gallons per day (= 326,851/365).
  • 1 cubic foot = 7.48052 gallons

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These links and the associated software are provided as-is with no explicit or implicit warranty of fitness for any purpose. Use them at your own risk. Some have a free version and a paid version,

  • Collaboration Tools

    These tools can be helpful when a team of people, working in separate locations, need to share data files.

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