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The Tri-Lakes area is composed of many interleaved layers of jurisdiction and taxation. The well-informed resident should be able to identify which (if any) municipality, metropolitan district, water and sanitation district, fire protection district, school district, and homeowners association collects taxes and fees and provides services to their home. Hint to property owners, you can also learn a lot by looking at your property tax bill.

Maps from El Paso County Assessor's Office. Offers a variety of map layers showing, school districts, fire districts, incorporated city boundaries, county commissioner districts, state senate districts, state representative districts, zip codes, and more. Also provides individual property information. El Paso County Assessor's Office Map

For background on special districts, see www.ocn.me/v1n7.htm#taxes and www.ocn.me/v1n8.htm#beggs, www.ocn.me/v15n7%201.pdf and www.ocn.me/v15n7%205.pdf, and read every issue of OCN to find out more about the government entities were you live.

Map of El Paso County, Colorado - http://adm2.elpasoco.com/Maps/default.asp

INCORPORATED AREAS - Any property outside Monument, Palmer Lake, and Colorado Springs is in unincorporated El Paso County and governed by the Board of County Commissioners.

El Paso County Board of County Commissioners - https://bocc.elpasoco.com/

Town of Monument town boundary - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/Incorp/MONUMENT-Tax-Map.pdf

Town of Palmer Lake – https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/Incorp/PALMERLAKE-Tax-Map.pdf

City of Colorado Springs - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/Incorp/COLORADOSPRINGS-Tax-Map.pdf

Town of Monument Comprehensive Plan 2017 - http://www.townofmonument.org/DocumentCenter/View/681/CompPlan_2017?bidId=

Town of Monument Zoning Map - https://townofmonument.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=f58f5b38484246e4a5fc658b5b59d329&extent=-104.9206,39.0434,-104.7558,39.1034

FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS — This map shows fire protection districts in the Tri-Lakes area.

Black Forest FPD - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/FPD/BLACKFORESTFPD-Tax-Map.pdf

Donald Wescott FPD Northern Subdistrict – https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/FPD/DONALDWESCOTTFPDNORTHERNSUBDISTRICT-Tax-Map.pdf

Donald Wescott FPD - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/FPD/DONALDWESCOTTFPD-Tax-Map.pdf

Tri-Lakes Monument FPD – https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/FPD/TRI-LAKESMONUMENTFPD-Tax-Map.pdf

Note: Palmer Lake Fire Department is not a Title 32 Special District but instead falls under the jurisdiction of the Town of Palmer Lake. www.townofpalmerlake.com/fire

METROPOLITAN DISTRICTS—Special districts that provide more than two services. (e.g. residents of the Jackson Creek area receive most of their services not from the Town of Monument but from the Triview Metropolitan District: water; sewer; drainage; parks, recreation, and open space; mosquito abatement; and street maintenance.) For a complete list, see https://assessor.elpasoco.com/tax-entity-maps/metropolitan-districts/. Selected ones for Tri-Lakes area include:

Triview MD- https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/MD/TRIVIEWMD-Tax-Map.pdf

Forest Lakes MD - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/MD/FORESTLAKESMD-Tax-Map.pdf

Pinon Pines MD #1 (related to Forest Lakes MD) - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/MD/PINONPINESMD-1-Tax-Map.pdf

Pinon Pines MD #3 (related to Forest Lakes MD and Town of Monument) - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/MD/PINONPINESMD-3-Tax-Map.pdf

SANITATION/WATER DISTRICTS—Some water and sanitation districts in the Tri-Lakes area are Title 32 Special Districts, while others have these services combined into Metropolitan Districts or are included in town public works departments.

Academy Water & Sanitation District - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/SWD/ACADEMYSWD-Tax-Map.pdf

Donala Water & Sanitation District Area A - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/SWD/DONALASWDAREAA-Tax-Map.pdf

Donala Water & Sanitation District Area B - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/SWD/DONALASWDAREAB-Tax-Map.pdf

Forest View Acres Water District - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/WD/FORESTVIEWACRESWD-Tax-Map.pdf

Monument Sanitation District - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/San/MONUMENTSD-Tax-Map.pdf

Palmer Lake Sanitation District - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/San/PALMERLAKESD-Tax-Map.pdf

Pioneer Lookout Water District - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/WD/PIONEERLOOKOUTWD-Tax-Map.pdf

Town of Monument Water (west of I-25) - http://www.townofmonument.org/149/Water

Monument Water, Sewer, Roads (east of I-25) – see Triview Metropolitan District (above)

Town of Palmer Lake Water - www.townofpalmerlake.com/water

Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/SWD/WOODMOORSWD-Tax-Map.pdf


Lewis-Palmer D-38 school district boundary. https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/SCHOOL/LEWIS-PALMERSCHOOLDISTRICT38-Tax-Map.pdf

Academy D-20. - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/SCHOOL/ACADEMYSCHOOLDISTRICT20-Tax-Map.pdf

Falcon D-49 - https://assets-assessor.elpasoco.com/wp-content/uploads/Tax-Maps/SCHOOL/FALCONSCHOOLDISTRICT49-Tax-Map.pdf

Areas north of County Line Road are served by Douglas County schools.

For information on local homeowners associations (HOAs), contact the Northern El Paso County Coalition of Community Associations (NEPCO): www.nepco.org.

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