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Our Community News ad rate increase notice


OCN's all-volunteer staff has worked hard to maintain the same ad rate since June 2016 even though during that period our mailed circulation has increased more than 30% from 16,531 to 21,664; however, to address the resulting significantly increased printing and mailing costs, effective June 5th, the surcharge for color ads will increase from $1.00 per sq. in. to $1.25 per sq. in. resulting in an increase in the cost of color ads of about 3.3%. The rate for B&W ads will remain unchanged.


An opportunity to save


Up until June 4th, you can buy all the ad space in advance you want at the current rate. To do that, just send a check for the amount of space you want to purchase to Our Community News, P.O. Box 1742, Monument, CO 80132-1742. Alternatively, you can drop off payment at Covered Treasures Bookstore at the corner of 2nd and Washington streets in downtown Monument. You aren't obligated to run any particular size ad or to run in any particular issues. You are just buying the space. We hold that on account until you are ready to use it. Unlike advertising contracts, it's risk-free: If you find you bought more space than you need, you can get a refund for unused space at the ad rate you paid. Despite the modest rate increase, advertising in OCN remains an extremely cost-effective way to deliver your marketing message to everyone in the area.

  • Save about 3.3% on color ads by purchasing advertising space in advance and locking in the old surcharge for color. 

  • Your payment for the advance purchase of ad space must be received by June 4th.

  • We will hold the space on account. You use it whenever you like.

  • If you find you purchased more space than you need, we will gladly issue a refund for unused space at the rate you paid.

For further information, contact John Heiser at (719) 488-3455 or ads@ocn.me.

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Contact us at (719) 488-3455, ads@ocn.me, editor@ocn.me, or P.O. Box 1742, Monument, Colorado 80132-1742.
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