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Why advertise now?

In tough economic times, businesses that continue or expand their advertising take market share from those that reduce or stop advertising. Businesses that gain market share during downturns tend to keep that increased market share when economic conditions improve. Each percentage point of market share gained during a recession is worth that much more as the economy improves. 

A McGraw-Hill study following the 1981-1982 recession found that from 1980 to 1985, companies that maintained or increased their advertising typically grew their sales 14 times more than companies that cut back on advertising.

At least six studies conducted during recessionary periods from 1960 to 1990 found the same correlation.

Smart business owners are not cutting back on their advertising, but they are being careful about where they invest their advertising dollars.

Why advertise in Our Community News?

OCN is mailed free to every resident and business in the Tri-Lakes area. We mail more than 16,700 copies every month and put another 700 copies in stacks throughout the Tri-Lakes area. OCN has the largest mailed circulation and the third-largest circulation of local newspapers in El Paso County after The Gazette and The Colorado Springs Independent. We put copies of OCN into the hands of those people most likely to buy your products or services: local residents and businesses.

OCN is a primary source for Tri-Lakes area news. Since its founding in 2001, OCN has been presenting unbiased, detailed coverage of Tri-Lakes area governmental entities and their deliberations and actions. Credibility is key during tough times. Advertising in a trustworthy medium, such as OCN, lends credibility to the advertisers.

OCN gives preference to Tri-Lakes area businesses. As part of OCN's long-standing commitment to encouraging the economic health of the Tri-Lakes area, we offer a significantly discounted per-square-inch ad rate to local businesses.

OCN’s low ad rates and monthly publication schedule help stretch your ad budget. OCN offers one of the lowest ad costs per printed copy of any local newspaper. Since OCN is a monthly publication, your ad will be in readers' hands for a month—more than four times longer than other local papers. Many of our advertisers tell us they’re still getting calls in the third and fourth week of the month.

OCN does not use advertising contracts: You aren’t tied down. Adjust your advertising month-to-month to meet your changing needs. Our advertisers advertise with us because they see benefit in it, not because they’re bound by a contract they signed months before. To reward frequent advertisers, OCN has a Frequent Advertiser Bonus (FAB) rewards program. You earn up to 10% of your ad cost as a reward you can use to reduce the cost of future OCN advertising. The more you advertise with OCN, the more you save. For details see www.ocn.me/fab.htm. ** Thanks to our FAB program, OCN advertisers have saved more than $48,300!

You are supporting a good thing: Your advertising dollars support a unique all-volunteer, Tri-Lakes-area-focused effort to present detailed, factual, local news to all Tri-Lakes area residents and buisnesses.

And the best reason of all: It works!

  • Paula Brady, Spa Medica - "OCN ads work!"

  • Cathy Thompson, Monumental Styles & Co. - “OCN is my paper of choice for advertising. The ads John has helped me design have provided a constant stream of new clients. My ads have paid for themselves many times over! Thanks John!”

  • Scott Sanders, Sanders Consulting - "I've tried advertising with other papers that cost three times as much and never get nearly the response I do from my OCN ad. Even my long standing customers tell me 'We saw your ad in OCN!""

  • Lois Wilde, L&L Field Mowing “The boys were amazed at how quickly they received calls last year after their ad went into the May issue. The jobs they got from the OCN kept them busy all summer.”

  • Donna Mallon, Donna’s Dolphins swim school “This is the best advertising money I’ve spent! OCN is the best paper in town and readers look forward to every issue. I have seen a big response to my new ad in this paper. I do not need to advertise anywhere else as my other advertising is word of mouth! Thank you OCN for your hard work to make this paper stand out from the rest in our community!”

  • Kerri Bohler, B&E Filling Station Restaurant “Thanks for all you have done for us. Our ad with OCN was the best thing we ever did for advertising. It outshines all the rest.”

  • Karissa Rytting, Tadpole Preschool“Thanks to my ad in OCN, my preschool is now full for next fall!”

  • Yukie Stauffer, Luna Hair Studio and Spa“We had great response from our ad. I really appreciate it. It is amazing to see how many people came to us with our ad from OCN and many of our clients mentioned our ad."

  • Sarah Groh, Voice and Piano Lessons - “Your paper has been the best press I have ever had.”

  • Annie Matchett, House for Sale - “Thanks to the ad I ran in OCN, I sold my house in Woodmoor in one month. It worked great!”

  • Kathie Kaufer, Help Wanted for Family Reunion - “The ad yielded excellent results. Thanks!”

  • Mike Reaster, Guitar Lessons - “Ads in OCN work great for me. I tried other local papers and got no response. Thanks to my ads in OCN, I can work from home and make a decent living. All my work comes from my ads in OCN.”

  • Meg Nash, Six Rocks Media - “We had a great response from our ad in OCN.”

  • Lauren Bursell, The Dog House - “I generated a lot of business with my OCN ad, it paid for itself with the first call I received!”

  • Susan Walsh, The Walsh Company - “We advertised in three Tri-Lakes newspapers this year. Over 60% of those new clients obtained from these three sources were from OCN. Thanks!”

  • Karen Adams, Santa Fe Trail Jewelry - “Ads in OCN really work. I know that because my customers tell me they saw my ad in OCN.”

  • Monika Marky, Toys 4 Fun - “I advertised in many local papers. The only one that got results was OCN.”

  • Chris Barto-Hallmark, Housekeeping - “In one month, my ‘help wanted’ ad drew three or four phone calls per day. The response to my housekeeping ad brought in enough business to keep the new hires busy.”

  • Tommie Plank, Covered Treasures Bookstore - “We get more coupons returned from OCN than from any other paper.”

  • Karen Evans, Northern Lights Dance Club -“We got great response to our dance class ad in OCN.”

  • Sarah Heckathorn, Animal Magnetism - “I can always tell when OCN comes out. My phone just rings off the hook.”

For further information on OCN advertising, click here or contact John Heiser, Ad sales Coordinator, at (719) 488-3455 or ads@ocn.me.

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